Trusty Chicken Escape

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The poultry farm in the town is getting bigger and bigger to the point the owner of the place who was Reggie needed all the help that he can get to keep things together. And so he hired some people but even so it still not enough, there are jobs that still needs to be done everyday and now, Reggie is starting to resort to different things, unusual things that is. Reggie trained some of the chickens in herding! That is absolutely hard to do if not impossible, but he thought nothing is so if one just puts his or her mind into it, and he was lucky! For out of 10 he trained, one was successful!

Reggie really accomplished a feat there, now no chicken is out frolicking in the fields unattended and hard to catch. Despite of his achievements though even when achieving it is hard, some people really were fascinated with what he finished, but some would just want the results for themselves. That day, Reggie was having a hard-time trying to find his trained trusty chicken for it’s now duty time. Hours came to pass and Reggie is starting to get really concerned here, that’s when he started to think that there is a chance that his chicken might have been stolen for its talents! This is not good, and so Reggie needs to extend his search in the nearby town for it is the only settlement to be, that’s because all areas surrounding there are vast forest no man’s lands. Escape players, Reggie needs to get that chicken of his now, will you be able to help or he might lose it forever?

Trusty Chicken Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.