Uneasiness Turkey Escape

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There is a poultry farm near the kingdom and it is being owned by Gregory. The king is definitely proud of what he has accomplished, for he managed to supply the entire kingdom with his different kinds of fowl produce. Well Gregory has a few secret for that success, and those are good feed, good place, and his lucky turkey which always looked uneasy, but ever since he got the animal his success grew indefinitely. So he liked to think that this turkey of his is his lucky charm even though that doesn’t sound scientific at all. That day however, something happened to that turkey and definitely Gregory took off!

That turkey went missing and surely, Gregory was on to its tracks. Maybe somebody stole it so they can get the luck from his place? Well that’s impossible, for nobody knows about his lucky charm except him. Maybe it escaped and went into town? That is definitely a bad thing, for someone might capture it and put it on their dinner table! Escape players, Gregory is on his feet now around the kingdom and the immediate area as well in search of his turkey. Will you be able to help in finding that runaway fowl?

Uneasiness Turkey Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.