Naughty Cook Mia Escape

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Mia is quite the great chef and Ronnie was thankful that he is neighbors with a master! But there was a catch though, in-order to learn he must be able to put-up with Mia’s antics for she is one heck of a prankster. That day, Ronnie wants to learn something again and he will face whatever smart pranks she got in her sleeves that day, it could be anything but Ronnie is ready now. Well little did he know he won’t be ready with such, for this time it’s different and far more convincing.

As Ronnie arrives in the place ready to learn, he realized that chef Mia is trapped in a room there in the house and she had been yelling to Ronnie to come and help her! But how is he going to do this now? He doesn’t even know what happened to the door let alone how to get it to open, but he is going to try though and maybe he can. Escape players, Ronnie is going to try and help his master, will you help him too so that this problem can be fixed? That’s if this is a legit problem in the first-place, you must be ready for that as well.

Naughty Cook Mia Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.