Frolic Rabbit Escape

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Sarah was confused why she could no longer find this one animal in the nearby meadows and it had been a couple of days now since she last saw it. The animal was a bunny and she loved that creature, for it is tamed somehow and gives her joy. Whatever happened to it anyways? She remembered she put some of her knitted dresses to it and played dress-up. The animal was complacent and that’s what she liked about it. Sarah got very uneasy that day though, so she set-out to look for that animal for she thinks she can still find it. And thankfully, she was right! But the creature is not in the best of states at the moment, for it is trapped in some cage!

Sarah found her rabbit friend in a cage and at the moment, it is still wearing those clothes she gave to it, that got her teary-eyed for she loved that rabbit and this is hurtful for her to see. But she is the only who can help it now and Sarah is definitely going to get it out of there. Escape players, Sarah doesn’t know where to start though and she is not really a handyman especially on steel workings like this. Will you help her out so that she can free the rabbit safely?

Frolic Rabbit Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games4King.