Grill Chicken Escape

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The great desert here does not have the luxuries of home, but Clint who was there must live in the place for he is currently being purged by the law. Clint does not want to go back or be with anybody for he was also being hunted, in other words he really messed-up his life here, but now he plans to reform for life in the desert have really polished him severely. Still he knows he haven’t paid back to the people whom he stepped on, but he needs to survive so he can continue to amend for his sins.

That day in his daily survival though, something came to him which made his life a little less hard there in the dry and vast wilderness. For a truck just passed the highway and accidentally dropped one of their cargo! Clint yelled but the truck just continued to sped away. He checked that fallen cargo and lo and behold, it was a whole chicken! Clint will definitely have a feast here, but he needs to cook the thing first so he can enjoy it. Okay then time to make a fire here, but Clint only has his salvaged grill and no fuel to burn for he just ran out. Escape players, Clint is now starting to get very hungry here for the chicken he found really triggered that. Want to help him then so he can begin to cook the thing?

Grill Chicken Escape is a brand new point and click desert game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Grill Chicken Escape

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