Tawdry Pirate Girl Escape

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The town located in the coastal area is a place that gets people uneasy every time they have a large sum of loot with them, that’s because the place is housing a lot of pirates from different factions and they are all experts in gossiping, plundering, and war. As a pirate who belongs to the lower faction, Jane is currently keeping it cool for she just uncovered a large bounty and she is now delicately moving through the place trying not to get the attention of anyone. Jane needs to get to her secret stash now before somebody thinks of them as suspicious, but as they did though something happened and now the entire crew is on the edge of their seats!

The captain who was Jane just got trapped in something as she was trying to get to the stash! The crew is not relaxed now and they are on high alert for somebody might be on to them or something, and trapping their captain here could be a part of that plan so they can get the loot they just retrieved. Or this could be an accident and that’s why they need to keep moving before their cover is blown. Escape players, you will play as one of the crew of captain Jane here, the loot is being slowly moved now but you tasked yourself to free the captain and quickly so that she can follow soon. Will you be able to get the captain out and quickly?

Tawdry Pirate Girl Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.