Fisherman Girl Escape Game

Fisherman Girl Escape

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As a sailor, Trevor has a team every time he goes to sea and he cares for every single one of them. That day even, everybody was ready for another journey to sea and they are all ready for their captain to pick them up at their homes. As the first one Trevor was going to pick, she is a woman but a tough one! She had been with her for years at sea and that woman was really something, she was even able to save Trevor's life at times. But that day however as he was heading to her house, he got a call and that did not sound good, but a bit funny though.

The first person he was going to pick-up just got trapped in her own house and she needs help! Trevor smiled, but this could be serious though, still he found this ridiculous for that woman is more than capable to solve things for herself and for Trevor, this problem here is pretty simple for her. Still though a friend needs help so he needs to respond and besides, he can't really move to the next person to pick-up if this is not solved. Escape players, Trevor is now in the house and ready to solve the problem, play as Trevor here now and find items around the rooms that can get that door to open.

Fisherman Girl Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.


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