Hare Land Escape

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Even if it’s not Easter, the bunnies in the forest are still scattering around the place and actually it’s all days throughout the year! But that day however, something weird had happened and as a resident of the place, Gary noticed it first thing when he went outside his place. The bunnies have all disappeared and no matter how Gary tried to look for them, only one was there and it’s the older rabbit living in the place as well. Where was everyone? Said Gary to himself, maybe there is an evil hunter out there who took care of them all? Or what about poachers? Eventually Gary decided to roam around the place just to find signs of anything and maybe even get out of there for answers might be present outside of this forest.

Gary is getting a bit confused here, but he is determined to find-out whatever happened to them and if there is really something, then he might be able to solve it. Escape players, want to help Gary here and see if you can find-out what happened to the bunnies living there?

Hare Land Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.