School Child Escape

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Gena the bus-driver is now set to take the children to school and she seems optimistic that day, she doesn’t know why but that’s good. On her first route, she must go get the child who was nearest to her and as a routine, the student was always the first until attendance is complete. Gena arrives in-front of the house of that kid and she honked but after three of those, nobody came-out. Maybe the kid is sick or something? When she was about to leave the place however, Gena heard a call for help from inside the house!

Gena stopped and listened to it carefully, it was indeed coming from the house and from what she can barely hear, the kid is trapped inside one of the rooms of the place! Gena quickly got-out from the bus and she didn’t hesitate to help for a kid’s life could be in-danger here, still Gena is a bit suspicious for she thought where was the parents of the kid? That will be answered the moment she’ll be able to get the kid out. Escape players, want to join Gena here on this rescue for a trapped student? Be ready then and use all that you can find to help the kid.

School Child Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.