Trapped Monkey Child Escape

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This forest is really a haven for flora and fauna, things are thriving there and one of the complicated lifeforms that are there were primates, that’s how healthy this place is. These lifeforms are living quite well in this wilderness, but even then dangers are present in the place and those can be quite successful. One of those dangers are mud sinkholes, there are a lot of them in this forest and even more so after it rains. That day as a ranger there, Larry found one of them as he roamed around, but in this hole was a young monkey and it is struggling to get out of there!

Larry immediately acted on this but not too much for its mother is still around and haven’t abandoned it yet. He is kind of scared the mother might misinterpret this to an attack and he could get seriously injured. Escape players, Larry has no other intention but to rescue this young one and with haste too for he is sinking fast. Want to help Larry here then so he can both be careful and quick with this rescue?

Trapped Monkey Child Escape is the newest point-and-click animal rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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