Holiday House Escape (8b Games)

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Try your luck and see if you can escape out of a decent house here quickly and successfully. Holiday House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by 8b Games for another escape challenge to solve!

Sharon had already been to different areas in the city but she couldn’t find a decent home to purchase there until, she got into the suburbs. Sharon was just driving along the neighborhood looking for signs and there she saw a house standing in a great neighborhood and what’s outside made her even more excited too, for there was a for sale sign. In no time, Sharon called the number and it so happens that the owner was just around, that’s why she was able to take a look inside it that same day.

Sharon was quite amazed of the place especially its interior, the owner allowed her to take a look around and told her not to be a guest, for he can feel that Sharon is going to purchase the place and if she ever decides to, she’ll just give him a call. She had already decided that she’ll get it but before that when she was about to give a call, she didn’t realize the house was setting something for her and it’s like a test! Sharon was about dial when she noticed that the door seems to be locked! Did the owner lock her in purposely? Or something might be up with the place that’s why it’s cheap? Escape players, Sharon surely is thinking otherwise of getting this place, but she must escape first and maybe she can get some answers then what had happened. Join her on this escape from a beautiful house.