Miniature 1

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In this challenge created by the escape enthusiasts in the neighborhood, they excluded the once who were claustrophobic, that’s because the place the challengers will be escaping from is a house and its rooms only have tight spaces to work into! People must escape from it even though it’s a little hard to move around but for some, won’t that be an advantage? For there are only a few places to look for stuff now than the bigger rooms which was a lot harder. Well they can think again, for some of the rooms is said to have a little trick to it.

Some of those rumored tricks is if one could not escape from a said room quick enough, the walls closes in until they couldn’t move any longer! But those are just rumors and there might not be any of those at all. Still it will be difficult for clues and items are not easily acquired there. Escape players, you are now up and the escape challenge is yours to solve! Will you be able to escape from such a place before a few of those tricks becomes true?

Miniature 1 is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from the new developer here Jim-Ar. Enjoy!