Small Child Escape (8b Games)

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It’s a holiday from work, but Lenny decided to use the free time to make money and as a freelancing babysitter, she opened her services and just in time, for the parents of that boy whom she babysits even from before is in-need of one. Lenny came to the place and got to work by keeping sure that the boy is well taken-care of and safe until his parents return. It will only take a couple of hours but still, Lenny is making more money than sitting around doing nothing. In the middle of her babysitting however, something happened and it’s very weird for its a first in her many times babysitting there.

The boy abandoned his work at the moment for he went to his room to go get something, but quickly then Lenny heard the boy’s cry and that got her standing-up from sitting in a jiff! Lenny went to the room of the boy which was locked and when she turned the knob, the boy said then not to open, for there was something in the house and it is scaring him. That’s the weirdest thing Lenny had heard from the boy ever since she babysat him, but it’s not like she is going to let this happen so she decided to find a way to open the door to get the boy to real safety under her protection. Escape players, want to join the rescue here with Lenny and see if you can help the boy who trapped himself in his room?

Small Child Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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