Tree House King Escape

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The missing king is actually not a joke, for even though people have been laughing about it that he got kidnapped, Donnie didn’t think the rumor was real as well. But he found him in some tree-house in the wilderness and he seems to be trapped in it! Donnie saw him in one of the windows of the tree house and he was wearing Viking’s outfit. How did Donnie know he was the king? Well he saw the king before by luck when he was walking in his garden once, it’s a rare sight for nobody sees the king that often. Still Donnie was a little-bit of a skeptic, but it’s not everyday he sees something like this.

Donnie will try to rescue this man now and maybe ask him what happened, escape players want to join in the rescue here for the potential king and see if you can get him down from there safely? Find items around the area then, make-use of everything for it could be that the key for the door there is just hidden around under a rock.

Tree House King Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Tree House King Escape


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