Merry Gifting Smurfs Escape

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The gifting smurfs are now moving around the area giving gifts to people and everything. As a resident there, Jason see these creatures as fascinating for despite of their small sizes, they are quite strong. And also they know where everyone lives and that is a real amazing trait that they have. Throughout the day they deliver gifts to people and they are members of Santa’s helpers. Jason watches them all-day long as they pass by his place, but at some point however he stopped and listened, for he is hearing some noise in his shed so he came to take a look at it.

And so Jason went to investigate and as he checked, he found two of the smurfs and they are trapped in there! Jason have no idea what he’ll do at first for he knows his shed is problematic and whenever he opens it he carefully does so, he really can’t destroy the thing for he still has a lot of valuable things there which can easily be stolen. Okay then, guess he needs to open this thing for them so they can do their job. Escape players, will you help Jason here so he can open his shed carefully but quickly enough so that these smurfs can continue on in delivering gifts?

Merry Gifting Smurfs Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Merry Gifting Smurfs Escape

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