Fascinating Girl Escape Game

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There was this fascinating girl who lives in the palace, the same one where the king resides. That girl was Geoffrey’s friend and because she lived in the palace, he thought the girl was just one of the daughter’s of the helpers there for she comes-out often which no royalty can do. Even then Geoffrey is absolutely fascinated of the girl for not only she was witty, she was also smart and imaginative, he liked her but he can’t find the strength to tell his true feelings. One day there was news that the princess went missing and what a coincidence, for he waited for his friend but she still haven’t arrived in their meeting place. Geoffrey began to think then, is his friend and the princess of the castle are one? Or maybe she is just busy too looking for the princess? Either way Geoffrey needs to do something now for she is still his friend and one that he even likes whomever she is.

Escape players, Geoffrey here needs to rescue his friend who might even be the princess of the kingdom from somewhere she could potentially be trapped in, will you help Geoffrey on the rescue? Come and check this one then from Games 4 King!

Fascinating Girl Escape Game is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.