Advance Merry Xmas 2021

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Christmas is fast approaching but before that arrives, a Christmas party will be commencing in the neighborhood’s hall there for everyone! This is going to be a blast, and as one of the sponsors there Judith was now busy for the party will be kicking-off later in the day, but at the moment there are still a lot to do and for her she doesn’t want to be rescuing the party again like last year when they experienced a bit of a disaster. Well little did she know there was going to be another of that and then again she needs to be the one covering for that.

Judith was now on her way in buying the things which the party needs when one of her fellow sponsors called for more stuff and those needs to be priority now! This is now turning into a bit of a problem, she knew she should have prepared things much earlier so that problems like these won’t be present, but it’s there now and they all need to work together to fix this. Escape players, want to help Judith here so that this Christmas event of 2021 will be a success?

Advance Merry Xmas 2021 is the newest point and click party rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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