Escape From 1000 Feet Game

Escape From 1000 Feet

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The city have some of the tallest buildings in any city in the country, that's why it is very developed there and everything that the people need is available. But Alfred was short on something that he desperately needs now, for he is at the rooftop of the building where he is working and he is currently trapped there!

Alfred desperately needs help for as he tried the doors of the rooftop so he can return to his office, none would open for him! To top things off too is that Alfred's phone is currently dead and he can't call for help or anything. Alfred is alone there and that means he'll need to solve the problem here on his own, he doesn't know what in the world is going-on there and it's like somebody doesn't want him coming down from the rooftop for when he got there the door wasn't even locked, it could be that this is just an accident but what does he know though, only he needs to escape from where he is before his boss notices that he is gone. Escape players, want to help Alfred here who was trapped on the building's rooftop? Hopefully there is an easy way and it's not too dangerous as well as crazy.

Escape From 1000 Feet is the newest point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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