Small Yellow House Escape Game

Small Yellow House Escape

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Finally, you have found the house which you have been asked to look for weeks ago. You were tasked by your superiors to find a yellow house somewhere in a specific neighborhood for there is a sign there which you must check and there you'll find things that can point you to another mysterious thing. You have already been to yellow houses that are old and new as well, none of which is the right one until, you successfully did and at the moment you have no patience left anymore that's why you entered the place without the owner's permission.

There was nobody home at the moment and that makes the situation easier, but as you tried to find what you are looking for however, something happened and now that got you in some real trouble! The doors in the house would not open no more and you could no longer leave the place! Looks like the owners of the place has a contingency here for it might be that this is the right house you have been trying to look for. Escape players, this could be it but for now you need to escape the place for you are currently in a situation. Will you be able to and quickly?

Small Yellow House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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