Escape From Old House (Games 2 Jolly)

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Check the fun escape adventure here everyone! Escape From Old House is a brand new point and click dream escape game released by Games 2 Jolly for more dose of fun escapes with us.

Ulysses just got home from work and as always, the commute had always been tough thanks to the traffic, the lack of transportation, and just everything. So as he finally got home, he went straight to bed so he can get a bit of rest before he prepares the rest of his stuff for the night. As he placed his head on his pillow, he actually fell deep into sleep and even had a dream which will become a case of life and potentially death!

Ulysses had a dream that he was in an old house or something and everything there was colored grey. It’s very weird, but it’s all going to go even weirder for as Ulysses explored the house, he could not open the doors and no matter how hard he pinched himself, he wouldn’t wake-up! He might have a worst kind of sleep-paralysis here, and he somehow has the feeling too that if he doesn’t find the way out then he’ll never wake-up. Escape players, there’s clearly no rescue that’s coming for Ulysses here, but would you join in the escape from the house with him so he can wake-up from this weird slumber? Good luck everyone.