Love Heart Forest Escape Game

Love Heart Forest Escape

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The land where the heart forest stands is not a place to be trifled with, people are not suppose to go there even for a lot of adventurers have already witnessed things there they can't even imagine. In their stories, they saw the place very lush at first and then suddenly it becomes barren and dry! That's pretty weird and impossible for there are now dry places there in the forest and they immediately know that it's the illusions that's creating this. Arron was one of the persons who witnessed it many times and that day, he is witnessing it again for he went there with a group to come looking for a missing person and now, he seems to be the one who was in need of help at the moment.

Arron got lost in the forest for the illusions got very intense and that resulted in him breaking-off from the group! Now the team has this protocol when they get lost, and that's if one gets lost and they couldn't find their group, they shouldn't try to find them at all and just get out of the place quickly. Now that Arron is experiencing this and he knows that his team is on the move which there was no way in pin-pointing their exact location, he needs to return and meet his team again at the entrance of the forest. Escape players, Arron will be facing some tough illusions here now, care to join in the escape and see if you can all get through the tough illusions safely?

Love Heart Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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