Abandoned City Escape (Selfdefiant)

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You just woke-up from a little afternoon slumber but when you looked around it was very strange, the place was no longer sunny and you thought, was it night already? But you are outside of your house somewhere you do not know and it’s like you are still in a dream or something! You checked the time and it was indeed already night, but why were you in such place? It looks like a neighborhood but it seems that nobody is there. You were beginning to think that you slept-walked, but nothing of the sort had ever happened in your life and if it did just once like right-now, then this is pretty extreme already and the confusion is making it worst.

Escape players, this is a weird situation and you need to fix this by finding where you are so you can begin to find your way out from there. Navigate around the neighborhood and see maybe you are just in the same place where your house is and this might just an area you haven’t been to before. Open your eyes for clues now and be very careful as you try to figure this situation out.

Abandoned City Escape is a brand new point and click location escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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