Delicious Red Water Apple Escape

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The main thing that is keeping the village here joyous is this strange being which they call the red water apple. That creature is literally a fruit and that thing is sentient! It just came out from the forest one day and from then it had used its magic to keep everyone there happy. In turn, the people there treats the fruit delicately and it even has its home right in the center of the village. That happiness it gives was definitely helpful, for when a community is always happy, forgiving, and kind, progress will definitely come quicker there. But guess that day the happiness stopped a bit, that’s because something to their treasured being the red water apple!

The apple just got trapped in one of the houses there and everyone thought about how did he got trapped in there. Maybe it moved around  for the day and just like that it got trapped? Maybe, or there could be something else happening here that they don’t know. Still someone needs to rescue the apple and for the task that will fall on Hubert who was kind of the muscle of the community. Escape players, Hubert needs a little of your help here too for as always two or more heads are better than one, well if those heads are agreeing with each other that is. Will you be able to help here so that getting the apple out safely can be carried out?

Delicious Red Water Apple Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Delicious Red Water Apple Escape

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