Joyous Bat Escape

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There is this fort in the middle of the wilderness and containing it is a small civilization which nobody thought before would even prosper! Even then the place is surrounded by huge trees and caves so the travel there can be dangerous. In other words, people there are on their own if something happens either major or minor, the only way they can communicate too is through messenger animals. One of the people who are in-charge of the messenger animals was Rio, and his task is for night messaging, so he uses bats and they work well too. Well of course except for this overly joyous one who fails 50% of the time, still he never gives-up on it though. That day, it got in some trouble again and it most definitely needs Rio’s help.

How did Rio know this bat of his is in-trouble? For once again it didn’t return on the correct time and an hour had already passed but still, it hasn’t come back! Surely it is inside another cave causing mischief and is trapped again, messenger bats are hard to come-by and sometimes train, so he’ll be finding this one and quickly. Escape players, want to help Rio here rescue his bat before it gets predated or anything? Come and try this challenge then from Games 4 King.

Joyous Bat Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.