Delicious Candy Land Escape

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The candy land contains not only just candy, but also different kinds of sweets. There are cakes, chocolates, rivers of sugar, everything that every sweet-tooth wants. But the place cannot be accessed easily though, for only magic can take one there. As a sorcerer, Adam is there because for once he would like to have some fun and he really finds candy land as so. But he is not in the best of situations there at the moment and he needs help.

At the moment, Adam is finding the place not easy to navigate through which is weird, for it is usually a no-sweat activity, maybe he overstayed in the place or something? He cannot find the portal that can lead him back and that’s the real problem. Escape players, looks like the place is not making it easy for him, so will you help Adam here find that portal so he can return home and rethink what just happened?

Delicious Candy Land Escape is the newest point-and-click area escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Delicious Candy Land Escape

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