Night Park Escape

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The park here is just a small part of the forest, that’s why it looks natural and absolutely beautiful especially at night thanks to the fireflies that are living there. That night Kyle was in the place for he would like to take some shots of the night sky, and where better to get some beautiful long exposure photos than places that are dark. Kyle took a lot as he was there for a few hours, and then it was time to go home for it was getting late. Little did he know he was already now in some trouble and he only realized that when he was close to the exit.

Kyle was about to get out of the place when he realized that the gate was locked! Kyle tried to open it and unfortunately he couldn’t! Okay guess he is in some trouble here now and he is getting a little bit scared, and because he seems to be alone in the immediate area he couldn’t get any help. Escape players, Kyle is definitely trapped there in the park now and worst is it is dark now. Will you be able to help him here so that he can get out of the park and get home then?

Night Park Escape is a new outdoors escape game developed by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad. 

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Walkthrough video for Night Park Escape

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