Dawn Foggy Village Escape Game

Dawn Foggy Village Escape

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The foggy village is starting to see some modernity from the nearest city, for the place is really traditional and because it is located very near the vast forests as well as quite a ways away from civilizations, it stayed with its culture for at least a hundred years, even the houses are traditional. As one of those persons who are slowly implementing the modernization there, Curtis went to the area for he was tasked to set-up a cable there into the heart of the village so that they'll have a stable electricity for they only rely with their old generator to power everything in the place. Curtis got the job done after a while and now he is starting to pack-up and leave before duty hour ends, but there seems to be a problem though and that added to his strains.

Curtis was already having a hard-time navigating out of the village, but then it happened, he got lost in the place and it's bad enough for he is in an area where old people lives and he can't just knock on a door there knowing that some of them might be having a hard-time getting to the door, so he decided he'll just have to navigate and quickly too before night comes. Escape players, want to help Curtis here so he can return to HQ?

Dawn Foggy Village Escape is the newest point and click escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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