Rustic Old Room Escape Game

Rustic Old Room Escape

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There was this old room on top of the building and nobody really lives there for everybody wants an easier access outside and not a hard-time just getting back up again. But Rusty wanted the room though and if he can have the vintage objects in it too it would be swell! Lucky for him, the owner said yes on both and the rest was history, Rusty cleaned the room, redecorated it and eventually it turned into a place just for him, but he left the old wall designs though for he likes it.

That day, Rusty was still putting-up the finishing touches of the room but he needs more supplies and tools though, so he planned to leave and return quickly. But unfortunately there was a problem and Rusty brushed it to the door being pretty old! Rusty could not open the door and he tried really hard, but the lock seems busted. He needs to fix that too, but first he needs to get himself out of there for he is starting to get concerned about the situation. Escape players, will you help Rusty here with his new room so he can figure-out what happened then?

Rustic Old Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Ekey Games.

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