Vintage Room Escape (Ekey Games)

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Even though Ralph was pretty far from any civilization, the place he came to stay in still for his vacation was good for even though it’s a classical house in the area made of wood and such, it was quite comfortable to live in. Such a feat which the people who developed this must be given an award, now he can really enjoy his vacation and to overall clear his mind. One day in the middle of his stay however, something happened and that really turned Ralph’s impression around almost completely.

Ralph just got trapped in the room for the doors could not be opened anymore! He still thought this could just be an accident or a usual thing for he didn’t want to discredit the place, but he just can’t help it for even though he tried his best to get himself out, he still couldn’t. Ralph also called for help so that anyone nearby could just hear him and help him, but it seems that he is only wasting his voice for nothing. Ralph really needs to do this now so he can escape, but he doesn’t need to destroy anything for it really is not necessary. Escape players, will you help Ralph here escape from the room where he was and as safely as possible?

Vintage Room Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Ekey Games.

Walkthrough video for Vintage Room Escape (Ekey Games)


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