Old Room Escape (Ekey Games) Game

Old Room Escape (Ekey Games)

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There are some really vintage items in the old room and those can really sell for a buck! But none are for sale there though for the place was being preserved. Still the sights of such items really wows Peter as he was tasked to clean the old stuff there for even though it looks luxurious at least in the before time, maintenance must still be done for it doesn't really look dainty anymore due to the erosion of time. Peter was in a room there in the place cleaning what was asked of him, but things turned into something different though and now he needs help!

Peter knew he had a bad feeling when he entered a specific room there, like there was something dark looming over, and then there it is he is experiencing it now! Peter might be exaggerating and could just be experiencing an old door jamming, but he can't get the feeling out of his mind that this could be something paranormal. Escape players, how will you do if you are faced with the same situation as Peter's? Come and give this challenge here a try then, see if you can escape safely.

Old Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Ekey Games.

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