Escape From Glacier Iceland Water Game

Escape From Glacier Iceland Water

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There is a small island near the North pole and it's only season there is winter, in fact the entire land is covered with ice and glaciers all year round, but that's Alistair's destination though for he was tasked to collect ice core samples there and soil as well if he ever strikes land in his mission. Alistair has a very tough task there, for he needs to get to stable ground where the island is situated and before that, he needs to travel through unstable icebergs and not permanent ice structures so he can just get to where he is suppose to be. It's not an easy job but Alistair have done it before and it didn't turn him off, but that day though the mission will be a bit different for he will come across something there which is unfortunately hindering him.

Alistair noticed that the ice shifted again, but somehow he ignored it for he thinks he knows his way, but then he got lost and now that proved he doesn't know really. Ice shifting is very common in the place and Alistair encounters just minor ones when he went to the place before, but there was a major shift and he thought he can get it through, but then the problem now is upon him. Escape players, will you lend Alistair a hand here as he escapes from the shifting ice?

Escape From Glacier Iceland Water is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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