Magical Foggy Forest Escape

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There are only a few people who knows the place’s enchantments here, they keep it a secret of course for people from the city will be very much coming there if they’ll ever know and potentially destroy the place bit by bit from research and tourism. One of the persons who keeps the place a secret was Tom and he is just one of a few, and so that day he will be going there for he needs to reach his house which is located in a clearing at the heart of the place. To get there he needs to traverse two paths in this wilderness, one that is narrow and another which a car can pass, that’s the only things that’s there and they like to keep human activity there to a minimum. As Tom was traversing the narrow path however, something happened and it’s the first ever that this kind of thing happened to him!

Tom just got lost in the forest and it’s really weird that it occurred, for he always takes the same path no problem but now this? He quickly then blamed the enchantments of the place and that’s logical actually, for that’s the only explanation on this right now. Escape players, Tom needs to solve this quick for he doesn’t want to be here with this weird occurrence, want to help him then so he can get himself not lost quickly and then get home?

Magical Foggy Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Magical Foggy Forest Escape

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