Down Town Escape Game

Down Town Escape

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The city is a mile or two away and that's why Arnold doesn't really go there unless he goes with friends for the town where he lives, things were already complete and he is satisfied. But that day he needs to get to down-town though for he needs to go get something which can only be found in the city, he tried his best getting there even though he is not really familiar with the area and unfortunately, that will have some bad fruits for in the middle of his search for the shop he is trying to get to, he got lost!

Arnold doesn't know where to pass now and because he was already uneasy, he is overlooking the fact that he can ask directions from anybody there but then he didn't, he still chose to look around himself and tried if he can find the shop or maybe get to familiar ground. Escape players, you might not know the place too but two heads are better than one, or you yourself is better already. Want to help Arnold here and see if you can navigate out of the place? Go ahead then and try your escape skills with us as well.

Down Town Escape is a brand new point and click urban escape game from Selfdefiant.

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