Clay House Escape (Games 2 Rule)

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Cheap but neat. This is how you describe your house. You built this house just by using clay so you saved a lot of money from it. You thought that it was perfect until the news stated that there will be an upcoming earthquake. From there, you realized that your house is not stable enough for this kind of disaster. So, it left you not choice but to evacuate. You are ready to go when you realized that you don’t have the key in your pocket. This is an emergency situation so you have to move quickly. The key is just inside the house but you don’t have an idea where it is. Therefore, you have to look for clues that can help you to locate the key so you can finally open the door. You have to escape from the house before the earthquake comes.

There are also items in your house that you can find. You can pick those items and use it for your escape plan. You just have to use your logic to maximize those objects. Clay House Escape (Games 2 Rule) is a brand new room escape game from Games 2 Rule that will test your escape skills. Good luck!

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