Bernati Forest Adventure Game

Bernati Forest Adventure

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There is a small patch of forest somewhere in Latvia which was quite the mysterious place for not only it is rumored to be haunted, well that's according to some people there, but it is also said that the place is a hiding spot for some treasure! Nobody really knows who put the treasure there and how long, but according to the stories though it could possibly be a long time ago. As a visitor there, Tucker only has one objective in the strange forest, and that is to find those treasures even if he has to face the haunting of the place.

Tucker is now on the search specifically for the 45 gems that had been scattered there and for reasons unknown too, locals just make stories there just to give an explanation of why would somebody do that. People are welcome to search for the gems, but they should take the risk on their own hands for nobody will be coming to rescue them. Tucker is ready now for he had come far just to reach the place, but will you be so as well escape players? Come and play as Tucker here then and see if you can ever find those gems or maybe find something more!

Bernati Forest Adventure is a new point and click item retrieval escape game created by Ainars and Zeb for Escape Fan. Explore mysterious forest location and find 45 gems to escape!

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  1. Date: April 24, 2021
    Author: b165042407
    Thank you for the new opportunity to virtually wander through the forest! A couple of wishes: when enlarging the puzzle (stone, stump, bush) it would be better to replace the dark background. It was better as before (forest background in the location). Yes, uniform darkness allows you to focus on the puzzle, but ... the overall "atmosphere" of the forest is lost. And the second thing. I would return a piece-wise artifact that allows you to see invisible objects. [Reply]
    • Date: April 25, 2021
      Author: Escaper Joe
      Thank you for valuable feedback. I will make necessary changes in next games made from this branching. How do you think, can that be good if this "10 gems thing" will reveal new scanner parts instead of gems and then scan area with scanner to find invisible items? That is not much to search? [Reply]
      • Date: April 25, 2021
        Author: b1650424
        I'm sorry if I don't quite answer your question about 10 gems: I'm afraid I didn't understand it - my English is not very good. First, I will make a reservation that I will not necessarily say specifically about the forest. You also had games about abandoned houses, about caves ... and what not! But the forest is not only interesting - it's also BEAUTIFUL. And the singing of birds emphasizes the atmosphere. So, about all this. It seems to me that in such games of yours, a lot depends on the balance of three components: the interestingness of the picture, the number of keys for solving puzzles and the number of special items that do not require keys. I mean such special "tools" as the hammer for icicles in your "winter" game or the "magic crystal" for scaring away ghosts in a abandoned house. When the picture is quite interesting and beautiful, then repeatedly walking through it (in search of the next key or object) is not at all tiring. We're just walking in the woods! Therefore, in this case, the more we look for a big number of keys and such tools, the better - it brings variety. And it is quite another matter if the pictures are such that there is nothing to look at, you don’t want to go back there and many times. In this second case, number of the keys and tools should be smaller to make the game shorter. [Reply]
        • Date: April 25, 2021
          Author: Escaper Joe
          Many thanks for this valuable explanation! [Reply]
  2. Date: April 26, 2021
    Author: dewed
    I wish they wouldn't pin these at the top. I come in and see this and think no new puzzles have came in. [Reply]
    • Date: April 28, 2021
      Author: b1650424
      In case you haven't noticed, this game was created by "Escape Fan" itself. Moreover, it was made very conscientiously, unlike most modern html5 games. [Reply]

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