Magical Autumn Forest Adventure Game

Magical Autumn Forest Adventure

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Off Harry goes to the forest at autumn for an adventure, he will be going deeper than usual that day for he doesn't have anything to do and it's a good day to do so. Harry finally went passed through the typical routes he usually takes and it's open wilderness then he will be facing, but he was ready though and he has everything he needs, he is even pretty confident. But weirdly though he did not expect to get lost in there and when he did, he wasn't really ready! That's the time he remembered he should have been ready for such, well there is another thing he needs to worry about, for at some point he was given a very mysterious subliminal message!

Harry heard in his mind that the forest will help him escape but first, he needs to find 30 golden leaves scattered in the forest and from then he will be guided back out. Harry almost lost his mind after hearing such a message for that doesn't happen to anyone! Was he going mad? He knows he is sane but then he remembered carefully what the message said. 30 golden leaves? And he will be led out of the place then? Will he take it? He doesn't have much of a choice now? So escape players, will you also take the mysterious task for the promise of escape?

Magical Autumn Forest Adventure is a new outdoor escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Explore each location of the forest and find all golden leaves to escape!

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  1. Date: September 19, 2020
    Author: amadeus
    Absolutely beautiful! [Reply]

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