Sunlight Forest Adventure

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The sunlit forest is quite bright during the day, but when night comes things becomes different there and quite scary. One scary thing about the place was its weird illusions and magical qualities. That day, Zack is going to be there for not only for an adventure, but to find items there which were crystals! Why would he want those things? Well one, nobody would even try to get it for they are scared of the forest’s capabilities, and they have a pretty good reason why. And two, those things are said to contain some of the place’s magic and the more one has the more the power is concentrated. Sounds like radioactivity, but Zack is now off to the said forest to 45 as the information he got states, crystals for its power to be significant.

Escape players, Zack doesn’t even know if he’ll find 45 of such crystals there, he even has doubts he’ll even find one, but will you still join him in his quest here to find those crystals of this forest? If so then be ready, for those crystals is said to be scattered across the land and some will not go unguarded. Stay alert as you retrieve them and quickly so that Zack can leave the place before dusk.

Sunlight Forest Adventure is a new point-and-click forest adventure escape game created by Ainars and Zeb(forest photos) for Escape Fan. Explore areas there of the magical forest and find 45 crystals.

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Walkthrough video for Sunlight Forest Adventure

Sunlight Forest Adventure Walkthrough
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Judith A. Shevling
Judith A. Shevling
2 months ago

So glad to see these games back on the internet. My favorite games of all time. Thank you.

2 months ago

Thank you. The quality of your games is still high. But I was particularly impressed by the fact that some of the animals are constantly moving up and down slowly. This creates a “breathing” effect to the pictures.

I was especially amazed by the bird on the screen with the white water lilies. At first it was sitting with both feet on a branch, as all decent birds are supposed to sit. Then it “sat” right on the branch, with legs hanging down from it. And then it floated up into the air.