Golden Egg Laying Hen Escape

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Theodore owns a legit hen that lays eggs! He had it since it was a chick and there was nothing special about it at first, and then it laid golden eggs one day and of course that made him very rich. But now there are some evil people who wanted that hen and they have been searching for that thing for a long time! Well that’s according to them and Theodor knows the hen is his for he had raised it from a chick. Theodore had no time to waste then for the men are coming, so he was forced to hide his hen in another one of his houses which was located in a remote area and he hid it inside a vault.

Theodore did that and then he realized, he shouldn’t have left the hen there for it might die and plus, they will find it there. The best thing to do now is get that hen and transport it somewhere nobody will suspect it’s there. But first he needs to get it now and quickly for there isn’t much time left. Escape players, Theodore here seems to be having a little problem with his vault and he couldn’t open it, this is not happening especially right-now that his life could be in great danger. Will you help Theodore here so that he can leave with his hen safely?

Golden Egg Laying Hen Escape is the newest point and click animal retrieval escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Golden Egg Laying Hen Escape


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