Fantastic Dreamworld Escape Game

Fantastic Dreamworld Escape

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The dreamland forest is not a place one should visit, its name sounds good and beautiful, but it's far from good there and safe. Serene it is yes, but it is quite merciless and a lot of people have gone missing in there through the generations. Okay, the land is fully established as dangerous and nobody should go in there despite of the premise that the area is very beautiful and it's almost unreal, but those are only the accounts of people who managed to escape and there are only few of them. Still then Jericho enters the place for his curiosity is killing him, but little did he know the place is more murderous than his curiosity.

Jericho was thinking about in proceeding at one point, but his thinking of, "well he was already there", kicked in and that's why he still continued. It soon proved to be a bad choice and that's because he is now starting to become a statistic! Jericho is now lost and he is trying to keep calm right-now for he didn't expect this to be as hard. It's a good thing the forest here looks beautiful or he won't be able to think straight. But it won't be for long now, that's because soon it will get dark and everything will be pitch-black. Escape players, imagine you are Jericho here now, will you be able to escape and safely from this beautiful land but actually has a dark side?

Fantastic Dreamworld Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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