Wild Giant Rooster Escape

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Guess the king of the roosters is living here in this village, it is a big creature and it really stands-out from the rest of the chickens there, it is not really a chicken in mind though for it is a protector and its powers are pretty great. It protects this place here and as a resident, Samuel have come to witness that when bandits attacked this place. But that day though it seems he alone will be paying that debt, for this time the rooster will be the one who needs help!

Samuel happened to pass-by where this rooster was, he is currently trapped inside this house and he had been trying to get out, but his efforts rendered useless though for nothing worked. Okay now Samuel cannot allow this to happen for not only they need him here, but he might get seriously hurt in his attempt to escape. Escape players, you will now be playing as Samuel here and the rescue is in your hands. Do be careful and quick on this rescue for this village’s protector now, for this might be a plot of the enemy and right-now the key is you.

Wild Giant Rooster Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Wild Giant Rooster Escape

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