Stefy Family Escape

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Wilma had never seen her friend Stefy for quite a while, she thought maybe she has a family already, well she isn’t wrong about that for she has kids now and she actually lives close by her! Who knew how close they actually were the entire time? Well actually it was only just recently for Wilma just moved to this new neighborhood here. And so she decided to visit her friend and she is excited for she will be meeting her again for the first time in years. But as she arrived at her friend’s house however, a problem was actually happening there and thankfully Wilma came over!

Wilma called for her friend Stefy outside and right after she heard small voices coming from inside saying to come in and help them for they need it! That message didn’t really fit right with Wilma, so she immediately got her guard up for if ever this isn’t a prank then she is ready. The front-door was open so she entered, that’s when she heard the voice much clearer then and it’s coming from inside a room. Wilma listened and she heard her friend for the first time calling for help for they are actually trapped in there! Wilma of course responded on this, but she is still expecting that this could be a trap for Stefy is fond of such way back. Okay now Wilma isn’t finding this easy however, want to help her here then escape players so she can free her friend Stefy and what seems to be her family from that room?

Stefy Family Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Stefy Family Escape

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