White Living Room Escape

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Michaela and her family just moved into their new home a month ago and they were satisfied for the place was better than their previous house. It was luxurious and they never thought they would have something like this in their lives, that’s what one gets if they pursue their dreams even if they had to do it scared. That day, Michaela was alone at home for her family had to go finish some of their errands together for the month so they won’t have to worry about anything in the next few days. Michaela thought to herself she now has the place all for herself and there is nothing to do but to sit in the living-room, but little did she know the house has something for her which she needs to answer to.

Michaela got tired after a while of sitting and she decided she’ll get some fresh-air out in the garden, but she couldn’t get herself out of the place for the door was locked, it wasn’t just the main-door however but all of the doors in the house! Michaela was confused what is going-on, it’s like this place now has a mind of its own or something, well at least she has something to do and hopefully this one isn’t going to be too serious. Escape players, will you help Michaela here with her problem and see what’s going-on?

White Living Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.