Family Room (Fun Escape Games)

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There is a challenge in the neighborhood and it’s definitely tough, but not impossible to escape from though. People have been trying the place out and it’s called the family room escape challenge. Basics of the challenge is a person must be fit for he or she is going to face different living-rooms in that place and all are designed to trap anybody inside! They must try to escape using all that they can find in there in-order to win, brute force is absolutely prohibited and they must escape alone, perfect for Devlin and that’s why he decided to check it out that day!

Now the escape residence is ready and so are the challengers, Devlin was early so he is first in the line to face the rooms. The doors are finally sealed and Devlin is now held in the room, will he be able to escape? Why don’t you check this out escape players and find out! Or better yet, you can place yourself on the shoes of Devlin and try the escape yourself. Ready with your skills and logic, escape as quickly as possible.

Family Room is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

Walkthrough video for Family Room (Fun Escape Games)


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