Haida Gwaii Park Escape

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Canada has this small island near it and it’s called the Haida Gwaii, in it is a park as well which consisted of a thick forest and it’s beautiful there especially on the summer, it is called the Haida Gwaii park. Ernie went to that park for he had no other place to be so he can exercise properly and he was near it so it’s practical. Everything was good at first and Ernie admired what he saw as he moves across the land, it was relaxing, but he never expected that he’ll accidentally take a wrong path there for when he was following it, he realized that it was getting unfamiliar to him and he was immediately in concern for the park was wide and he knows if he gets lost, there is a chance he will get even more lost in the place if he makes another mistake!

Escape players, Ernie is going to need some help here in Haida Gwaii park, there is still more possibilities to get lost in the place so if you wish to take on the challenge, then use the best of your skills and logic for the park will not be merciful even for you!

Haida Gwaii Park Escape is the newest point and click outdoor escape game created by Big Escape Games.