Living Room (Fun Escape Games) Game

Living Room (Fun Escape Games)
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This luxurious house here is going to make that family happy for they just won this place from a contest! Mikey knows this very well for he was the one who was going to provide the house and tomorrow will be the time he will introduce it to the family, that's why Mikey is in the place at the moment fixing-up some stuff so it would even look more presentable. As Mikey checks everything however, he realized something was different in the place and because he was alone, it is even more strange for he knows nobody can touch this or that except him.

Mikey finally realized that he is actually trapped inside the house for the doors seems to be jammed! It is not just the main and the back doors however, but all of it and that makes the situation worst as well as somehow deliberate. Someone might be pulling this on Mikey here, if so then he can't just let this happen even if it's just a prank. Escape players, will you help Mikey escape safely without trouble and most definitely without using force?

Living Room is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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