Underwater Octopus Family Escape Game

Underwater Octopus Family Escape

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Octopi are solitary animals and two only come together when they mate, but there was this octopuses however that lived as a family in the beautiful garden of corals. As a diver, Orville have never seen such behavior where two octopuses would really guard their young together, knowing that they won't last long though, Orville decided to help them by diving every other day to the area for really he had been to many oceans in different forests of corals, that behavior is really fascinating him. One day however, there was a problem and Orville thought it is quite severe.

The entire nest was scattered and it seems that the young had already hatched, the parents were nowhere to be found but as he looked up to check the nearby coral, he saw that the octopuses have scattered and some of their young as well even though small, he can still see it. This doesn't look natural and surely this might have been the result of sudden underwater currents which hit the nest directly. Orville must help the octopuses again for they are displaying another unusual trait which was gathering their young, they are two very weird octopi indeed. Escape players, want to help the octopus parents here with their nest before another strong current comes?

Underwater Octopus Family Escape is a brand new point and click underwater animal rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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