Octopus Pair Escape

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Frank is now back in this area in the reef for he is observing these two rare octopuses which was displaying very different behaviors than the normal octopuses he records. This pair is very different and could be a new species, that’s why he is excited to return to the coral tunnel where they live that day. But as he got to the place however, everything was not as it should be and at first he really thought the two failed.

Frank found only one of the octopuses and it was not in the nesting area it selected, and the other was missing. He was really disappointed that he totally missed what had happened, but then he might have another chance here, for he just found the other pair trapped in a cage! Somebody did this, a hunter maybe? Or a poacher? Whoever was it, Frank is going to correct this for this could be a rare octopus and people just don’t care. Escape players, will you help Frank on this by freeing the trapped octopus so it can return to its pair back in the cave?

Octopus Pair Escape is another new point-and-click underwater animal rescue escape game made by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Octopus Pair Escape

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