Cottage Forest Escape Game

Cottage Forest Escape

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Noor had been staying in one of the cottages in the wilderness, and for days he had been waiting for anyone to come but sadly there weren't any and he is slowly thinking of finally moving-on even though he has no idea where to go. Noor was enchanted of the forest he was in that he had been coming to the place numerous times, but that day he made a decision to take a different path which he never really typically take, that resulted in him getting lost and now he needs help.

In his struggle to find the way back, he was lucky that there were cottages scattered everywhere in an area he stumbled into, and as he saw it he thought those might have been used in the winter if ever a hiker gets caught in a snow storm. Noor had been staying in one for days and now he is ready to leave for his supplies are dwindling and life is getting harder. Escape players, want to help Noor escape here from the forest by first focusing on what needs to be done before the journey of uncertainty begins? Place yourself on the situation of Noor here then and be ready for the adventure.

Cottage Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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