Help The Yellow Octopus

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Dustin was currently on his dive and his location was in an area not usually visited by others, but it seems he had found a gem there. What Dustin found was this beautiful area which seems to have a touch of human in it, which was weird. Dustin continued to roam around there under the waves until, he found something which seems to be in need of help.

There was this peculiar yellow octopus and as it looks, it seems to be trapped in some very tight branches of corals. That is a bit unreal as Dustin saw it, for octopuses don’t really get trapped in anything. And so, Dustin decided to postpone his treasure-hunting adventure there which he set himself to do just so he can help this interesting octopus. Escape players, will you help Dustin on this underwater rescue?

Help The Yellow Octopus is a new point-and-click underwater animal rescue escape game developed by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Help The Yellow Octopus

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