Escape From Undersea (WoW Escape)

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This area here in the ocean which was shallower is very much unexplored, that’s why Quentin is there for this place is really catching his interests and he doesn’t exactly know why, maybe he just loves new discoveries and adventures? And so he went down there and everything was just great, he is discovering new things amongst the garden of colorful corals there and even finding remarkable things too. But something happened while he was in this wonderland though and he needs to take care of that now.

Quentin got lost and he cannot surface yet to see where exactly he is for he might suffer decompression sickness. For that he needs to navigate under the water first and begin his ascend, that’s all before his tank runs empty. Escape players, will you help Quentin on this so that this problem won’t escalate?

Escape From Undersea is the newest point-and-click underwater escape game created by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Undersea (WoW Escape)

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